Lanis No Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Many people purchase exercise videos and there are plenty to choose from. But do they actually use them? I suspect many people think that purchasing the video is sufficient to improve their health, whereas we all know that it’s USING the video and performing the exercises shown that is the only way to gain any benefit.

Exercise can help prevent or manage osteoporosis by strengthening the bones. The best kinds of exercise for gaining the bone improvement effects are strength and resistance training. You can buy videos for these or even find online fitness programs for keeping yourself fit and strong. Flexibility and balance training programs are also useful for helping to prevent falls.

While it is easy to purchase exercise videos, finding the time and motivation to use them regularly can be more difficult. It can help to draw out a weekly timetable of what you are already committed to (including sleep) and work out your best available times for exercise and then blocking these times out on your calendar. Another way of gaining the motivation to follow a fitness program is to read books about osteoporosis and find out as much about the condition you want to help as you possibly can. You can also find information on line, in magazines and leaflets, etc.

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