The Importance Of Functional Fitness

The Importance Of Functional Fitness

Functional Training Functional training, which can also be called functional exercise, is the name given to workouts that adapt or develop exercises that let people perform their everyday life activities more easily and without risk of injury. This is important for everyone but especially important for anyone at risk of osteoporosis, osteopenia or with brittle bones. After all, even […]

Lanis No Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Many people purchase exercise videos and there are plenty to choose from. But do they actually use them? I suspect many people think that purchasing the video is sufficient to improve their health, whereas we all know that it’s USING the video and performing the exercises shown that is the only way to gain any […]

Osteoporosis and Womens Hormones

Most people know they need to take more exercise, but many have difficulty finding the time. Balancing a career, family responsibilities and a social life can make it difficult to fit in exercise, even when it’s vitally necessary for managing a health condition, such as osteoporosis. There are many advantages to using exercise videos for […]