150 Most Asked Questions About Osteoporosis

As we get older, we all experience changes in our body shape, size and overall energy level. we may not be able to avoid aging but with the right exercise program, we can avoid some of the physical changes that go along with it.

Exercise can help prevent or manage osteoporosis by strengthening the bones. The best kinds of exercise for gaining the bone improvement effects are strength and resistance training. You can buy videos for these or even find online fitness programs for keeping yourself fit and strong. Flexibility and balance training programs are also useful for helping to prevent falls.

One way to motivate yourself to use those exercise videos you have is to read books about osteoporosis or the health condition that led to you purchasing them. There are videos that can help prevent bone loss, increase flexibility and improve balance but if you increase your knowledge about how these can help you improve your life and health, you may be more likely to use the videos. Reading is one way of increasing your knowledge. You can find articles in magazines, on line and in books. Carrying a book with you is a very useful way of giving yourself the gift of additional knowledge while passing time travelling or waiting at the dentist or doctor’s surgeries, instead of flicking through old magazines.

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Osteoporosis, a bone-thinning disease worsened by menopause, may afflict half of all women over the age of 50. Almost as many women die annually from osteoporsis as from breast cancer. In this book, m… Read more…